Jquery style DOM Node selection in NodeJS

If you worked with some frontend developments you know how useful JQuery’s selectors. Suppose you need to select some internal text of some html portion using NodeJs. Then it is called web scraping. When you search npm registery you will find out many modules for web scraping.

I used https://github.com/cheeriojs/cheerio to build an awesome w3c and link validator (You can find here) and Basically I wanted to check existance of some tags, attributes of specific tag and get anchor contents.

Special thing is that cheeriojs offers very similar working environment as same as JQuery. Then you can use css selectors to select HTML elements as you wish.

Install Cheerio

npm install cheerio --save

Simple Example of cheerio

const cheerio = require('cheerio')
const $ = cheerio.load('<h2 class="title">Hello world</h2>')

$('h2.title').text('Hello there!')

//=> <h2 class="title welcome">Hello there!</h2>